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Improper sealing of ductwork results in a 24–40% loss in HVAC Systems

Leakage negatively impacts equipment, air quality, and energy consumption. It can reduce system capacity, decrease life of an HVAC unit, and increase energy use and utility cost.


Hardcast® Rolled Mastic Sealants

Don’t trust tape to do the job — seal the deal with Hardcast rolled mastic sealants.

Hardcast rolled mastic sealants are foil faced modified butyl sealants at a composite thickness of at least 17-mils and used for sealing metal or flexible ductwork. Unlike traditional liquid mastic sealants, rolled mastic sealants are a mastic sealant delivered in a solid, rolled form, ensuring ease and a consistent mil thickness throughout the application process. Although Hardcast rolled mastic sealants look and apply like a tape, they function as a true mastic sealant and are designed specifically to seal ductwork for the life of the system

  • Zero Dry Time, Zero Mess
  • Easy Install with Waterproof & Airtight Seal
  • True Zero-VOC
  • Approved for Indoor, Outdoor and Below-Grade Application
  • Backed by Third-Party Testing
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